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What is XMLServ ®?

XMLServ is a XML/XSL based framework for generating dynamic content.

The main goal was a complete separation between content and layout. Besides the fact that this separation enables developers and designers to work independently on a clearly defined interface between their respective areas this enables the generation of multiple output formats/version for different clients and even customized version based upon client preferences.

This is not a replacement for JSP or PHP (or similar scripting environments). It is aimed at (Java-) programmers. A Backend (a module gererating XML content) is quite the same as a Servlet. It is not called by the Servlet container but rather by the main servlet in this framework (xmlserv).

The current set of backend modules implements part of a Content Management System (the initial motivation for this project). Although still unfinished I consider many parts it this work to be reusable as it contains a common base class for modules with various utility methods and JDBC connection pooling. It uses PostgreSQL as a Backend.


Update 11.10.2002:

Currently many features not documented here are being developed and tested (i.e. extensions to the security model allowing several user groups to exist in parallel, each with its own admin role). Many Backend modules are completed and most of them will be made availabe as well.

Update 06.11.2002:

Updated the JavaDoc API Documentation. Not yet complete, but a major step forward.

Update 15.11.2002:

Updated structure document outlining the changes in the security framework.

Update 15.01.2003:

Updated API documentation


Lots of things left todo

Take a peek at XMLServ in action. Cookies must be enabled, URL rewriting support will be added later.

The structure of this framework

Take a look at the JavaDoc API documentation