Class Summary
AttachmentBasketMessage Mail with image files attached.
Basket Basket abstraction.
BasketAdd XMLServ Backend Application Template.
BasketCleanup Cleanup unused baskets (i.e. remove baskets without a name and without content).
BasketClear XMLServ Backend Application Template.
BasketClose Close the current basket.
BasketComplete Display the list of available formats for each selected basket item as well as the target address (including all addresses entered so far)
BasketContents This class describes the format selections for a given basket.
BasketDelete XMLServ Backend Application Template.
BasketDrop Delete a basket (only possible when the basket was not closed already).
BasketList List all baskets for the current user.
BasketMessage The base class for all message actions generated by BasketSend.
BasketOpen Create a new basket or open an existing one.
BasketReceipt This class represents the contents of the final screen when the basket is sent.
BasketReceiptShow Show the Receipt page for the given basket.
BasketRecipient This class is used to encapsulate the recipient of a basket, which can either be a Phonebook.Entry (single person) or a Mailinglist (group of persons).
BasketRename Rename a Basket.
BasketSend Send the basket.
ISDNBasketMessage Basket to be sent via ISDN.
MailBasketMessage This represents the normal mail format with embedded links.