Class Summary
DBDocument This class has a twofold purpose:
Save a SODocument to the DB Load an SODocument from the DB In the first case an existing SODocument must be given as an argument to the constructor.
DBImage This class represents images stored in the DB.
DBList Read a list of values from a given table, preparing data for a <select> tag.
DBUser Simple DB abstraction class encapsulating a user.
DownloadImage This subclass simply adds support for downloadid, the identifier used to generate download links.
It also sets the formats as read from the corresponding basket_content_formats table entry.
Format Format abstraction.
Format.Detail Inner class representing detailed info on a format definition.
Image Image abstraction.
ImageText Format abstraction.
SODocument This class is a read-only encapsulation of a StarOffice 6 Document.
UserElement Convert a DBUser object to an XML Element.