Package com.xmlserv.main

Interface Summary
BackendModule This interface is used by ContentManager implementations to interact with content generating modules that are dynamically instantiated.
StylesheetRepository This interface defines a storage backend for stylesheets.
XMLServBackend This interface defines the signature of a Backend module for XMLServ.

Class Summary
BackendHandle This class is used to represent the Backend entries in /WEB-INF/config.xml at runtime.
Note: The client attribute of the stylesheet element currently does not accept regular expressions.
BackendRepository The container for all configured backends.
ErrorPage An errorpage using a simple XML document plus a XSL stylesheet to output the error message.
StylesheetCache This class implements a transparent stylesheet cache and is used to access stylesheets.
WebInfStylesheetRepository This implementation of the StylesheetRepository reads XSL files from the WEB-INF/ directory of the servlet installation directory.
XMLServ The main class of this framework.
XMLServBackendImpl Implementation of the XMLServBackend interface with basic usage statistics and a HashMap based parameter store.
XMLServFileBackend A sample backend serving (XML) files.

Exception Summary
RedirectException This subclass of ServletException can be used to force XMLServ to send a redirect to another URL.
XMLServException Common Baseclass for various exceptions used in the XMLServ context.